ASDAN Learning Program

ASDAN is a not-for-profit, curriculum development organisation and internationally recognised awarding body based in the United Kingdom. ASDAN offers a wide range of curriculum programs and qualifications for all abilities, mainly in the 11-25 age groups.

In 2009 – 2010, the Department of Education introduced the ASDAN Preparatory Award Programs which have been designed for students with special educational needs and disability. Each award program provides a real-life context to promote the development of personal, social, independent, ICT and work-related skills.

Since their introduction the ASDAN award programs have become an integral part of the curriculum offerings for students with special education needs in Western Australian secondary schools.

If you would like to know more about the ASDAN Preparatory Award Programs the ASDAN UK website provides detailed information.

ASDAN at Gladys Newton School

The ASDAN program of Acknowledgement of Achievement by Certificate parallels the various programs delivered at Gladys Newton School. There are 5 awards available for students and the award selected for each individual student depends on their age at the end of the year. The awards currently offered at Gladys Newton School are: New Horizons, Transition Challenge, Transition Challenge Sensory, Towards Independence and Workright.

The ASDAN Workright award provides excellent assessment of how well the student performs at work experience and has links with the Cert 1 program delivered to senior students. All of these awards focus on school-based activities within the standard school subjects and have links with our endorsed programs of Bush Ranger Cadets and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Evidence of student participation and success is submitted to External Moderation along with other schools in Western Australia in the form of Portfolios.